Sunday, August 30, 2009

A little random list

  1. After 'O's, buy all season Gossip Girl and watch reruns all week. Eating chips.
  2. Save money/Find a good pay job and go for massive shopping trip
  3. Prep myself up and go partying after 16
  4. When I'm on an emotional downturn, I'll cut my hair short.
  5. Cut fringe soon.
  6. Be satisfied with my phone.
  7. Buy an MP4
  8. Train myself and have abs.
  9. Stop being desperate & obsessed with guys
  10. Stop letting loose
  11. Go for manicure & pedicure after 'O's. Damn nice ones.
  12. Have naval piercing during Dec Holidays.
  13. Take up Piano lessons and STICK TO IT
  14. Improve and Expand my vocabulary bank
  15. Full Body Wax once I'm legal (?) Or after 16
  16. Decorate my room and pack
  17. Be independent
  18. Spend time with myself
  19. Have sufficient sleep
  20. Like now, I should sleep instead of doing this stupid random list.
  21. But it's addictive. 
  22. I should watch more Drama Series like 10 things I hate about you or 90210
  23. I'm sleeping
  24. bye

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