Monday, August 17, 2009



(more photos in FB)Last week has been a craze. It was also very unproductive. On fridfay went to Alfred's BBQ. Got myself drunk, It was hilarious. Not gonna happen again I hope.

Thank God Xe and Huiwen were there to take care of me. I really appreciate it alot. Words cannot express enough! haha.

On Sunday English service, I enjoyed myself. The worship and the atmosphere. It was great. After that the bonding with the youths were so clearly seen. I really thank God for the friends that I have that cares so much about me. I want to care for them abudantly too. It's a self promise. I know I'm self-centered, accepting the truth is hard. But I know I can conquer it. I'm going to study hard and this time it's for real. I'm not going to waste my time doing shit and I want my friends to do likewise. We'll encourage each other. It's not easy, the right way is never easy. Walking together with your friends in the hard journey is better than walking alone. So I thank God xe is going to change too. & I know huiwen will change too! Let's all study together! haha.

I might be taking Piano lessons, Narin they all are already dead positive that I'll be going. I've to wait for my sister's approval though( I know how it sounds). But I want to make something out of my life, I want to live my life abundantly, I don't want to grow old thinking I should have done this, I should have done that. But drawing closer to God is still my priority. I've to handle persecutions, it's difficult but I've to hang on. & it hurts when it's one of your family members.

I've got alot of things to say about my family but it's too private so I'll just keep my mouth shut for now.

Oh and I watched 'Hangover' with xy and it's so damn hilarious! You all should catch it!

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