Wednesday, August 26, 2009

As I've mentioned in my tweets, I've bought a new phone, it's neither a blackberry nor an Iphone but it's good enough for my daily needs. & besides, I'm only 15, why do I need such a good phone for? To show off? haha. I'm trying to stop being materialistic. So yeah, stepping stones. My mom wanted to get me an Iphone, but.. Forget it.

Today during English I was dozing off and when I finally force myself to stay awake, a massive headache hit me! It was so terrible I couldn't eat properly during recess and I felt nauseous I thought I'd throw up but luckily I didn't 'cause I abhor the feeling of puking. I had like those pulsating feelings in my head tearing me apart.

I should be doing my homework now, though I've finished quite a few. I'll update soon. No events happening though, but I might be heading to a Bay Beats Gig with my friends! Excited.

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