Sunday, July 26, 2009

'UP Movie!'


This is the newest animated movie titled 'Up'.
I saw the trailer in the cinema and I promised myself to watch it. It's very funny!
78 year old retired Balloon Salesman has a thing for adventure.

8 year old Junior Wilderness Explorer Tribe 54,sweat lodge 12 is enthusiastic.

What interest me about Carl (the 78 year old retired balloon salesman) and Russell(8 year old Wilderness Explorer) is the chemistry between them and how funny they are!
Carl do not like Russell at first, but when I watch the trailer, near to the end of it I can sense some kind of grandfather and grandson relationship.
It shows how different two people are, and how they can still managed to get along with it each other.It's amazing how two people from two very different age group can have an adventure!
There's an age gap of 70 years!
Even so, the both of them have a common love ; a love for adventure!
Dug, outfitted with a remarkable high-tech collar is a nerd amongst his pack.
Kevin,Rare Flightless Bird seems friendly and fun to play with!

Also, joining them in this adventure are the animals, Dug and Kevin! They're both awesomely cute. Everyone's cute in this movie, even the baddies.

So Be sure to catch it in the Theatres!
And a catchphrase from 'em :

“UP in Singapore Cinemas opening 7th August 2009”

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