Thursday, July 30, 2009

No school for me

haha, I got a 3 day mc! The good thing id that I don't have to go to school, the bad thing is that I've to miss lessons and lag behind.

So today I got sent home from school and I went to meet Xiong Yun at his place. We had Macdonalds for breakfast. My favourite pancakes! haha, then we meet Bryan at the bus stop and we head to Yishun Polyclinic. We slacked awhile and then head back to Bryan's place. WeiJian came too. I was tired so I fell asleep for awhile. Then we head down to watch Bryan and Weijian exercise. haha.

I ate a Granola Bar today! But I ordered rice ): My plan to stay thin failed. Though I didn't eat much of the rice. Wasted my money. Asshole. I went to Xiong Yun's place and watched 2 movies. Both were action films and they were great! My sister came to fetch me after that. Got some lecturing.

I won't be going to school for two days and I've no idea what I'm going to do at home. I think I'm going to study and pack my room. And of course do my quiet time. I hope I'm able to do all that. No I shouldn't say I hope, I should say I pray! hahaha. Oh well, I've got a National Day performance coming up. With my ELDDS team. I'm going to be a Jap. Pray I'll do well. I'm tired so I'm going to sleep.

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