Monday, July 13, 2009

Bad Luck, Bad Karma.

I'm in bad luck today! Oh yeah, I remember I don't believe in luck. Oh well, TODAY'S an Exception! I'm such a jackass I totally deserve it!

I dropped my phone from the 4th floor and my phone cracked. My friend's already know that my Lousy Nokia phone is going to spoil, BUT now.... Everything's gone. I don't have money to get a new phone now! I wanted to save up for an Iphone 3Gs! Huiwen's got the picture, I'll show you all when I received it. I'm such a smartass aren't I ? I lost hope on my phone and I just demolished everything. I went and open up my phone and took out my screen and everything.I salvaged my memory card & Sim card though I'm not sure whether the impact destroyed those two too.

I'm not exactly sad neither am I happy about it. WHO WOULD. Unless you're those rich kids whose parets will immediately buy you a phone once you spoiled yours. You'll be EXTREMELY happy. haha.

Oh well, I'll not dwell over it. I can't use the computer for too long. I got to take a nap and do my homework and my quiet time. I've been missing alot of both. It's time I get down to business.

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