Thursday, June 11, 2009

Superficial You or Everyone's the same?

I've nothing to do today so I went blog-hopping. & I realised half of the Singapore teenage population are wearing the same clothes/same design of clothes. (it might exclude/include me)

It's funny how everyone is wearing the same thing even though shops are selling things that say 'unique' etc when everyone has not the EXACT same thing but clothing that are around those lines. It's like when you think no one else wears the same shirt as you but when you walk out into the streets you see at least 1 person wearing your shirt. & you wished you die on the spot or at least hope your shirt magically change into something nicer. 

Everyone is trying to beat everyone, in who wears the nicest clothes,the branded clothes,the clothes which is closest to what the celebrity/model wears. & that's why everyone is wearing the same clothes. What I personally think is that Singaporeans don't dress badly but dress similarly. I admit that sometimes/most of the time/everytime I do dress like someone else. I mean, you might not know that you dress similarly to someone else. There's so many people in the world,so many clothes too. 

So maybe you think you're unique but actually you're not.


on a sidenote, here's Mr.Reggi Singing.

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