Sunday, June 14, 2009

The runaway trip to visit God.

So I'm going to my church, JDBC retreat tomorrow. I've no laptop so you won't see me blog! UGH.. I don't know how I am going to survive w/o internet! whatever. Let's not be too addicted to the net. This 4 days will sort of be a training,getting me away from the outside world so I will only concentrate on being with God and feeling his presence and learning his words.

So this few days , I've not been studying. I hate myself for not being able to do what I tell myself to do. I hate myself for not being disciplined! UGH. Damn it. I really want to study. But I'm not making an effort to. Okay let's not make myself emo. I shall concentrate on things that I'm going to do/have to do. Like packing for my retreat tomorrow. I have no idea what to bring.

shiat. I should pack later. I'm using the comp now and I'm not going to stop using it. hahaha. I heading to the shower later. I'm so lazy. Here comes that word again.

Okay and I've been addicted to watching shows from MobTV. I like SingDramas okay! It's not that bad though I admit I still prefer american shows. I'm gettin sick of Gossip Girl and I don't bother to watch 90210.

Oh well, I'm having eyeliner on and I still rub my eyes. How smart. It's 12 & I'm sticky and I need to sleep. I've to wake up early tomorrow.
ftw, I'm off.

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