Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm going away to neverland.

The rest of the pictures are in Facebook! 
So I did backup singing for Saturday & Sunday's service. It was great and next week I'm going to English Group! & I'm doing backup singing next week too. 

I've yet to pack my room,I know how lazy I am. & now I'm learning a song by The Veronicas.  I'm having Drama camp tmrw, so I'll be pack my bag at night.

I've planeed to do alot of studying and alot of things the holiday, I hope to achieve it! Studies means quite alot to me but I just find it hard to study. Stupid me.

my time is running out! ugh. The holidays are going to end, I feel like doing dreadlocks. Oh & I like this song by Katy Perry.

I'm feeling bored and I run out of words. 

 Pretty things are yours to hold
My pretty thing soon you will know
That pretty things you think you need
Are not what make you beautiful
Pretty things will rob you blind
Pretty things will fade in time
It’s what inside that makes you shine

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