Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Caleb Leong Lin Yi.

Today's Caleb's Birthday! I'm broke so I don't have money to buy a birthday gift. But I'd like to dedicate a blog post to him. I've known him for around 2 years and there's happy memories & of course there's bad memories. But sometimes it's because of misunderstandings and maybe each other's flaws that might lead to disagreement/friction. But the times I shared with him are priceless.

Caleb, thank you for bringing me fun and laughter. Thank you for understanding me. I'm sorry if I'm irritating,ignorant,insensitive,stupid,ugly and all the flaws I have and I'm sorry for being hot-tempered. Even though sometimes there's friction between us but it always goes off. I'm sorry I've never got you a gift before. But isn't it the thought that counts is more important? haha. I'm sorry if I let you down, gave you problems,not understanding and being matured enough. But times with you are mostly happy. haha MOSTLY. Thank you for helping me so many times, with every little thing that is. Thank you for being a listening ear,a counsellor,an adviser,a best friend,a girlfriend and being someone close to me. I know I've got mood swings at times, attention-seeking, and being a retard.
To sum it up, Thank You For Loving Me. I love you too & I pray for our spiritual growth in the Lord & also our friendship will last until we reach heaven.
I pray that you will one day be a very powerful worship leader and you'll be able to heal people and be as one with God.


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