Friday, June 5, 2009

A few Days Back..

On wednesday, I went to watch a movie with Joshua,Caleb, Narin, huiwen and erica. We caught 'Monsters vs Aliens in 3D'. It was very funny and the 3D effects were great. 

We were really hungry after the movie so we went and dine at Pepper Lunch. It was my first time eating there and it was great. We chatted about alot of things and after that we went to Timbaland as Narin wanted to get his shoes.

We headed to a more deserted part of Botanic Garden and we walk around and explore. 

They then sent me to Causeway Point and I meet my sister for lunch. 

That sums up my wednesday.

Thursday, I did nothing the whole day. I slept I slept and I watched movie. haha
I totally wasted my day.

So today, I did my ic in the morning and I'm now watching movies and I'm going to pack/clean my table and afterwards I'm meeting the girls for Prayer Meeting, ciao. 

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