Thursday, June 25, 2009

Clothes Addict not.

I've finally got a tumblr account. I've been comtemplating for awhile. At first I thought it'd be a simpler way to upload my pictures, well I was wrong. It's just easy to post one picture at a time.

Oh and I found out that when I talk about shopping or clothes I get really excited. I'll be very interested. Too bad I'm not rich,if I am, I'll have a a room as my wardrobe and I'll have plenty of clothes from designers to cheap thrills. & I'll be wearing different clothes everyday & I'll shop online everyday and get fashion designer to create a special dress no one has! okay I shall dream no more.

My sister is heading to Bangkok. I hope she'll buy something nice back for me! haha.

I'm going to be late for my study date.

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