Friday, May 15, 2009

The world just grabs you.

I try not to be materialistic but it's failing! I look at all the clothes MKA are wearing and dang, I just feel like going shopping. They give me inspiration to dress nice! But I'll stick to my tees and leggings/shorts for now. 

Okay, I wanted to tiedye my jeans as they're goners already but I've got no time. I'll do it another time. 
YAY. Exams are kinda over, though I've got Art on Monday but I don't have to study for it. What I dread now are the results. I did VERY & I meant EXTREMELY badly for this exam. I just flunk every paper. No concentration AT ALL. sigh, I have to study during the June Holidays then. 

Whatever! I getting good at playing 'Thinking Of You' on my guitar! But my voice is getting worser and worser. Shit man. 

I'm going for Prayer Meeting, see ya. 

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