Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wonderful Day Indeed with the Lord!

Today in the morning, when Uncle Jeremiah called me, I was contemplating whether or not to go to church. After around 30 minutes, I decided to go. I never expected my day to turn out so well! haha. 

Firstly, today's church service was normal, but the holy spirit was in the church and xiao'en and I jumped along to the song! It was really fun. I don't know why but everytime I jump, I'll feel a surge of happiness coming into me. I just cannot stop smiling,the feeling is really good. Then after church we went to the CMA abacus competition to mark papers. It was fun as we play along with the kids and scare them! Uncle J was so funny, using the 'volunteer' tag to show the kids and telling them he's a CID. Then we head off to eat dinner and we went to visit Xiao Fang. She needs many prayers! We went to the Macdonald drive through and we took alot of pictures, the mac crew was looking at us like is if we're mad and the guy who serve us is cute! We head home after that as we were too tired. 

All the pictures will be up in Facebook, go and take a look at our ugly/funny faces! haha.

So tomorrow I guess I'm going to stay at home and play computer games. My mom and grannie's going to Malaysia tomorrow so I've to stay at home and take care of my dog. 

I'm dozing off, going to dreamland.

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