Saturday, May 30, 2009


Memories flashback! 


Today I'm planning to do quite alot even though I just wasted my morning, and now I'm blogging. BUT after blogging I'll spring clean my pigsty! For now, I'm going to update you a little on whatever I'm doing. 

I skipped prayer meeting yesterday as I was feeling rather tired. I went to The Borders in the afternoon yesterday and I bought a book titled 'Middlesex'. I'm not sure whether or not it's a nice book but I'll tell you when I finish reading. I'm going to go M.I.A this few days as I'm bored of going out. I've no cash too. So it adds up to my 10 reason why I should not go out. I'm also dying from staying at home for too long. In my twitter, I've been updating stating that I'm going to pack my room right?  But I was too lazy and I didn't! I want to pack my room! sigh, I'm just a lazybum. But I'm going to change it today, I'm going to pack my room. My mom's at work now and I'm eating cupnoodle. That's what I've been eating recently, unhealthy checked. I know, but lazylazylazylazylazy. sigh. Lazy has become my middlename. I'm now called Ashley Lazy Ho. 


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