Saturday, May 16, 2009


The card behind are from the girls! & my shades from Topshop!

Birthday card from the boys!

My lousy unfinished art piece.

Math kills my soul & joy.

I'm back from my service at Charis Mission, It was great! The whole atmosphere is just fantastic and the preaching by Pastor is damn good! The holy spirit really works around there, Praise God!

So today I think it's going to be a stay home Saturday! I might be walking my dog and I might be going over to Caleb's house but I'll see how it goes. Oh yeah, I'm going jogging with Jabez later on, I need to train for the RP adventure race!  I'll pray that I won't bring the whole team down! May God Be With Me! (I sound like a strong christian) I wish I am. I'll just have to pray more and read the bible more.

Okay now that the holidays are coming, I need to pack my room and do up my room. It looks like a typhoon just hit my room and ... Yeah, you can figure out the rest. What I need to do now is to go to Ikea. Oh no,wait. I need to work first. THEN go to Ikea. If not I won't have money to buy anything there. It's good to be born rich, too bad I'm not! I've to work hard to earn money. dang, life sucks when you're chasing after worldly things.  Okay, what I'm going to do now is to pack my room a bit, do my art for AT LEAST 2 hours, clear my sister's corner in my room and yea. I'm going to move the piano into my room!  then I can compose songs and everything else. haha. Great idea huh! & I want to buy those brown color thing that you can post notes up by sticking them using thumbtacks, it'll be so cool! I won't forget to do ANYTHING! hahaha. Okay, not getting too excited here. 

I'm having my lunch now, my mom bought it for me/ 

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