Saturday, May 23, 2009

It's funny how sometimes popularity gets to you,
even though you might be the popular girl in school, 
the one everyone knows.

You may not know yourself, 
people may not like you,
people hates you,
people suck up to you, 
You'll get fewer real friends,
'cause all they want is also popularity. 

Life, so complicated.
Life, so simple yet stupid.
There's no meaning, 
when you're chasing trends after trend.
Trapped in the world. 
Trapped in the clutches of Satan.

I want to fly, you want to fly.
But we don't have wings. 
We're not light enough to float,
like a feather with no direction.
You pass by everything in life.
Cars, Trees, People, Animal.
Friends, Lovers, Elderly. 

When there's no wind, you land on something solid.
You land on someone, who's lying to someone.
Superficial people, who act like they love you.
For who you are.
Who are you? People, controlled by their brain.
Controlled by the world.

When friends turn their backs,
when lovers reek of ex-girlfriend's perfume.
When your parents disown you,
sisters stab you from the back,
brothers who fuck you,
when you turn penniless, 
wandering alone in the streets.
With only a tee that screams ' I'm Lonely',
& everyone look at you scornfully.
You wish you were someone else,
or even an animal to to spare yourself the embarrassment. 

Sometimes you think your life is perfect.
You're rich, a total barbie girl.
Limo picking you up, 
Chauffeur on the steering wheel,
bodyguard on your left and right.
Every girl dreams to be you,
you've got millions of fansites,
you're pretty and a size zero.
You're everything you want to be.
You've got every guy begging to go out with you.
There's so many things to list out that I can't even end. 
Your life is the greatest life anyone can ever live.

Then again. 

Is there anyone like this? In this corrupted world?
I would love to believe there is.
True love,
what is it? 
Is this the remedy for any heart ache? 
Or the starting of one?
Oh well, 
Questions that cannot be answered just yet.
Random, when your mind thinks.

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