Monday, May 4, 2009

In need of Jimmy Neutron.

I've been TRYING hard to study recently. I did it today, did revisions on Emath, but for Biology homework, I've done nuts. I understand but I don't know how to explain. I'm getting stupid. Really. 4/2 fraction, I though it was 2 2/4 . I don't know whether you get it or not, but yeah. & I've been feeling realy lethargic this few days, it might be because of the stay over and all. Makes me so tired I even fall asleep for every lesson today. I felt so bad, I've learnt nothing. BUT the best thing that happen today is THERE'LL BE NO WORK THIS WEEK! It's like a short break for me! I'm so elated about not working I'm just super hyper. 

Narin keep calling me a retard. But whatever I think I'm one too so it's doesn't really matters. Well on the other hand, Caleb keeps making fun of my name : A.Ho which means'A-hole' which obviously stands for Asshole. So yeah, get the picture? He's an asshole for being mean!

Tomorrow I'll be heading to bible study and I'll be studying hard for my exam this coming Friday. I've to pray regularly! Even Narin prays more than I do. I've not been going anywhere so there's not a single picture taken. It's a boring post with no pictures. But oh well, I'm going to sleep soon. I've not been sleeping early & that's really bad. My eyes are getting red and I shall go remove my contact lens. 

p.s. It's not a pang, it's a knock, a bang & you scream 'Fuck Off'.

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