Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm a sleepyhead

Recently I've been sleeping and sleeping and I still feel tired. I guess I'm going to die in my sleep soon. Oh well, I guess I'll be happier this way. IF I draw close to God, then I'll go to heaven and enjoy . 

I was supposed to attend bible study, but I bailed out last minute as Caleb and I quarreled. It was over a small little thing, but yeah we're not on talking terms now. I wish I could've handled the situation better, but my self took control over the situation instead of God. It was a short time and I couldn't think. Sometimes I really dislike myself for acting before thinking! I'm famous for that. Oh no wait, I'm famous for being self-centered! Human beings are scary! Really, Caleb have always been my close friend, but just now he insulted me. He was angry, so I don't actually care about what he said.  I know he said all those things 'cause he wants to spite me, want to make me feel angry/hurt/etc.  I prayed for us, so I'm handing this situation to God. & xe has been an angel. Thank you so much, I really love and cherish you being there for me!  

So I'm now at home and I'm going to pack my room, I'll try to. But I'm starting to feel sleepy. damn, I told you I'm a sleepyhead. Okay, I'm going to eat dinner now and grow fat.

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