Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If you just hold on.

Hi y'all. I'm back. I apologise for the lack of blogging. haha. These few days, I've been hanging out with my friends and yeah, nothing much. I got back my results today and I failed some subjects but I think it's still quite okay. I just have to buck up. Damn. It's so hard to study! There's just too much distraction going around. This June holiday, I think I'm going to stay home most of the time. I need to clear my room of alot of things and pack my room and etc . & I need to find a job soon! I'm totally broke and in debts. REAL debts, my phone bill which is $100 plus is unpaid and I owe SP $3.50 I'M IN DEBT. I should go borrow money from the loansharks. HAH. 

haah, and I'd like to thank Mario for writing a post for me! Love you Boyfriend! 

& there's this feeling inside me I can't express. 
It's always you, 
the love, the hurt,falling from the skyscape.
I know you've moved on,
I know you want it to be over.
It's a love that cannot last, we used our own love.

I pray, and I pray, 
for you to turn back . 
I pray and I pray, 
for you to change and be afresh.
I know it's difficult, it's tiring.
I know the memories ain't good.
But If you just hold on, 
God will do the rest.

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