Monday, May 25, 2009

Fun Time, Happy Time.

YAY. Today was fun, I thought it wouldn't be. So I went to Church & I brought Mario with me. He was awkward and all but yeah, I hope he turns into a Christian someday. I'll pray for you dude. After church I ate porridge under Jabez's block. I head home after that and went to my uncle's house for my family buffet. I played with my don't-know-who names Chloe who's cute! 

After the family buffet as it was my Grandma's birthday celebration, I went to meet Narin and Caleb to watch 'The Uninvited'. It spooked me for awhile after the movie. All the terrifying scenes, it kind of got stuck in my head and things around started to seem scary. The loud blaring sound from motorcycles on the road to even ads pasted on buses. hahah. Oh and I finally got my tragus pierced! I wanted to do it for quite a long time already but I didn't want to 'cause I can't put my earphones in my ear anymore. But Caleb persuaded me to do it so I did it! aha. After the movie, we went to a fitness corner and play some games like Marco Polo and such. I was really reliving my primary school days, playing on all those monkey bars and such. It was fun, got me all sweaty and stuff. 

It's past midnight and I've got school tomorrow, xe says she might not be going! I'll be so lonely then 'cause I don't know whether hw is going too or not! I want to skip school but I can't 'cause I'm a good girl. & another reason to add to it, I don't want to disappoint my mom. 

I'm nervous and tired. Nervous for tomorrow's Class Got Talent. I know, nothing to be nervous about. Fine. I feel like asking Jethro to bring his guitar for me but I'll see how it goes. I'll just sing without the music. I know it'll sound shitty but there's no choice! 

My voice, I pray it'll get better tomorrow! Amen.

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