Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The End Time Is Coming,Are You Prepared?

Today after bible study, I've really learnt alot. After this post, I'll go study Physic, but for now,listen to me, you won't regret. 

The end time is coming, There'll be a period of time in the future where tradings and food and everything else,you'll have to have a 666 mark. It's in the Bible(revelation). There'll be a white horsemen coming, an anti-christ coming to pollute people's mind. Don't be cheated. False Prophets will come and there 4 horsemen will arrive as The Lamb open the six seals. Believe me. Believe Jesus. You'll never go wrong, this is the best decision of your life. Eternal Everlasting Life. In Heaven. It's coming soon. Be prepared. Are you ready for the war? Christians be ready for the persecution. It's coming. The truth. The light. The way. Be a christian. 

p/s I sound like I'm promoting something. It sounded like something from the Army. Oh well, but trust me! This IS the truth! Don't get gripped by Worldly things! 

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