Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another week of torture for lil' school girls.

I'm going to die from studying too much. haha. But I didn't study alot anyway. I've to do at least an hour of Math and then I'll have to study full flow of Physics as I've got Physic paper tomorrow. I'm so screwed. Yesterday while having supper with Caleb and Narin, Caleb for no reason took my phone and didn't want to return me. I chased him for quite awhile and then I stopped. He got my phone and read my secret stash of notes in my supposedly secret 'notes'. He's an asshole. But it doesn't matter, he knows almost everything. 

Now, I'm just waiting for exams to be over, holiday to start, work to start and then I'll get money and I'll go shopping! Okay hang on. I'm not supposed to thinkn about AFTER the exams when I've not even done anything. Oh shit, I forgot I've to do Art today too. Oh man, time is flying so quickly you feel like you're trapped in this time zone where your minute is a millisecond in the outside world. okay, whatever I'm just talking bullshit. Btw, Narin, Caleb and I are obssessed over this Lord Of The Ring Hokkien Version and Star Wars Hokkien version, it's very funny you should go watch it in youtube. It's about 2 now and I shall go do some artwork.

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