Thursday, April 2, 2009

SYF April 2nd '09

SO YES TODAY'S SYF DATE. & We performed quite okay ;/ I personally think it wasn't MY best shot. I think quite alot of people were disappointed in me not being able to cry on stage. But I did cry on Monday, during our rehearsal. Such a waste? I know): don't remind me. 

So yes, everyone had make-up on. EVEN the guys! It was so hilarious, Mario looks like a transexual. AHHA.  I didn't feel nervous at all. 'Cause I was familiar with my lines and everyone else. It's funny how fast it ended. We practised and rehearsed like shit and BOOM just like that, it's over. I hope & pray we'll get silver. It's all I ask for.  Okay actually we did our best and what we get is not important. 

I took quite alot of pictures & it's all on facebook! GO TAKE A LOOK! 

ALSO. I posted a look on , the one where I went to Haji Lane with SP. It's quite 'everyone' if you get what I mean. Nevertheless, go take a look too! 

Anyway, didn't capture any pictures while we were performing in ACJC as we were not allowed to . So sad! Oh well, it's over ! 

Back to Reality, my homework are all undone. How's that for a start. I've got chemistry, chinese,english,maths & revisions to do! & I'm so so busy & so so broke. & I'm going sheesha on Saturday to wind down! My trusty camera will be with me ! HAHAHA. Okay I'm crazy, with so much homework, instead of doing it I'm going out to play, wth right? But that's just me):  Oh to update you , I register myself as an actress in Short & Sweet. I don't know whether I'll get in or not, but still, God be with me.

I really want to go into theatre art. Or Drama, or something related to it. I think it's so interesting and cool. But I'm a very '3 minute' person. One second I'm interested, the next second I'm bored already. So I'm not really sure where I should go. So I'm still trusting the Lord to guide me.  Oh and there's a new song I like recently, okay the song is not new but I like it, it's called 'Shakespeare in love'! I like the tune!  Okay back to Drama, Caleb told me you won't get high pay or it won't be successful unless you are popular. Also, Caleb say I should only just let it be my hobby, & not something I do for life. Ohwell, there's still a long way to go. 

There's alot of anti-Christ movies out there, why oh why ? The End Time are coming , right? I know it. I love you Lord. 

p/s Im starting to wonder, why we're like this.
p/p/s It's a question you keep denying and yet it's so obvious.
p/p/s Xiao'En is not replying on msn!

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