Sunday, April 5, 2009


I'm here at Caleb's house. I went to watch a Play titled 'Destinies Of Flowers In The Mirror' and I guess it was an abstract piece, I couldn't understand most of it. But altogether, I enjoyed the play. It's somehow or rather about Fantasies? There'll be the woman standing at a small platform saying long (yes I mean LOOOOONG) monologues about how she find processed food yucky and she thinks it's harmful to her body if she eats processed food so she decided not to eat. Then she starts to have hallucination. Male starting to impregnate, wear female clothes, sexes were all equal. Then there's the Man with Stick and Man with Mirror, about how they cannot reproduce, then after meeting the girl(called Flower), they worshipped her and they can reproduce. The man with the stick started to dress ike a female, wait, I think both men started to dress like female. Then there's this Man with Syringe(?), who go against Flower, and wants to destroy her. In the end everyone dies. (I left out some characters)

So after the play there's a Q&A thing, & I learnt about stage business, even when you're not saying anything, you show the audience your presence. But at the same time you don't steal the limelight away from the main character. There were many things being said, but Ashley is an STM creature, so..

NOW I'm at Caleb's house. Apparently , I'm using his laptop. I guess he thought I was being emo(?) or whatever that's related to a bad feeling, 'cause Narin and him are watching movie outside. I want to watch that movie but Caleb's freaking cat decided to scare me and play with me so now I'm trapped in his room. Caleb doesn't believe me, but I know the cat is going to scratch me or something similar to hurting me/scaring me. So yeah, I'm stuck in his room using his laptop. Ugh.

My upper eyelid and lower eyelid suddenly have this magnetic thing going on, they're attracted to each other. So you can guess my eyes are closing and I'm damn sleepy. I'm chanting I want to sleep to no one. What the hell. Oh something funny happened today. A guy doesn't believe I'm 15. haha, he thought I was 18. Should I be flattered or ? Oh well, I guess I'll blog again soon.


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