Friday, March 13, 2009

Trip to ACJC.

Look @ Najah behind!

A group photo!

The rest of the pictures are here:

Click it ! :D 

The trip there was fun and Najah & I were taking shitloads of pictures. hahaha

Oh, when we reached there, there were quite a few hot guys I saw. hahhaaha.

Oh shit I sound like a fucking bimbo. SHIT.

Nevermind, oh I'm doing my homework now! I just drank redbull & I feel like puking. It's worst than alcohol/coffee. But It DID keep me awake for now, so I don't have to worry. FOR NOW.

A few minutes later...

I'm done with my HISTORY! Okay half-done, there's some questions I don't know how to answer. I'm starting on my 2 Chinese work & there's still Math. & bio test tomorrow that I've to study for. Good Luck to me , man.

SHIAT MAN. shit, I should stop saying shit. Or Asshole. I'm just randomly blogging. I'm DARN BORED. I'm singing, lalhlalalallalaalalalalalalalallalalallalalalallala. 

Oh, I am still stuck in doing my chinese journal. DAMN/ It's 1:43a.m. now. 

I like this song! & also 'This I Promis You'. 

OH GOD. I just remembered I got chinese spelling tomorrow. Great. Just Great. 

I've to go. zzzzzzz

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