Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A rather Good Day.

Caleb & Me's Hall Of Ugliness. hahahha

My Floral Fedora.

My newly-bought TopMan Shirt.

My crooked septum piercing.

This is just stupid, I was bored and I took this and all my pores could be seen but I think my lips are okay compared to the two pimples under my brows! (stupid threading that irritated my face and caused pimples)
My grandma cook this up for me! I love it!

So tomorrow I'll be going to acjc, and I have my Math homework undone, & clever Ashley left her textbook in school.  ALSO, I'm going to Ikea with Jeffrey & his friends. I'm broke but I guess it won't cause me so much money going to ikea. & I can also plan my room's decor. 

I'm going to read the bible and have some quiet time with God. God's good all the time. I'm just so corrupted. What I've learned is to never leave god, really. I just cannot take it anymore. Who can? God can. Only He can understand who you are, why you do what you do, say what you say. No one can uderstand you better than God. Depend on Him, for this mountain is taller than the tallest mountain in the whole world and it can NEVER fall . God loves us so much, why won't we love him back ? I'm a Christian, and I hope I won't fall back.

I've been losing track of him, these past few days, that's why I was who I was. Unreasonable,hot-tempered,such an asshole. That was in satan's control. But now. I'm in God's control, that's why I decided to apologise.

whatever that is, I want to be a disciple. 

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