Monday, March 16, 2009

Picture Post.

So I met up with Kok Heng,Jun Jie & Alfred on Friday. It was Kok Heng's Birthday!

After that I went to Paryer Meeting, I was too tired so I slept there. I hope I won't sleep everytime there's bible study/prayer meeting!

Then on Saturday I went out window-shopping with my 3rd sister. We had our lunch at delifrance. We went pass Takashimaya and I saw SALES. Topshop,Topman,Miss Selfridge,warehouse .. ! 80% SALES! Can you believe it ?! I bought 2 bottoms there! My sister bought it for me,haha.

Then we parted & I went to Novena with xiao'en, Caleb & co. to attend a Choral Fest. It was alright.

I'll update again soon!:D

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