Saturday, March 28, 2009


I'm sorry I'm so lazy to update my blog! I'll update asap. 
for now, stay tune.


I CHANGED MY MIND. how great is that? okay I know.

So this few days I've been busy! Though I've been using my computer, but I just didn't have time to blog. So I have Drama rehearsals everyday. SYF is imminent and I've to do my very best. Oh and Pictures of my class outing is posted in Facebook! Go and have a look! & also, my mom's birthday celebration's photos will be up there too! 

So after friday's rehearsal, Mr.Reggi ask me to go audition for 'short & sweet', I agreed as I want to gain experience. I went to the website and I think it's over already, but I've to double confirm with Mr.Reggi first. 

Okay guess what I'm doing now? hahah. I'm uploading videos to youtube! YES! I'm singing . haha. But I'm losing my voice soon so I guess it isn't very good for now! ):  I've never done it and since I'm bored, why not? Those two songs are my fav! Thinking Of You and Don't Forget. 

Okay my voice sucks, whatever. 

I have church and work tomorrow! Better tuck myself in bed!

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