Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm So Urgh..


Yes, I miss blogging, & I'm so excited for the Mini Youth Camp tomorrow! I bet it's going to be FUN. We're staying at the SAF Yatch Club. haha, cool right! 

Oh, to update you little readers of mine on my current doings, I skipped school yesterday & went shopping with Tiffany! We went to town & I spent around $100++ . It might not seem alot to you but it's alot to ME. I owe Tiffany $75 though. Pathetic me): It's alright, I won't shop for these few weeks then , so that I can clear my debt & my phone bill. & I can have guilt-free shopping sprees! hahahha. 

OKAY , oh so while shopping with Tiffany in Far East Plaza, bought 2 long-sleeve (quite oversize) top @ Cotton On Body, a floral fedora @ Stitch,a jumpsuit @ OhSoFickle & a top from TopMan . Just this few clothing cost $100 plus, ugh. Especially that jumpsuit! It costs $52! But It's damn nice so I think it's worth it. *flash my best smile* Oh well, I still think I've to go shopping. I still think I still got ALOT of things to buy. Recently, I've been wanting to buy books, I bought a book titled' The Time Traveler's Wife' & 'Romeo and Juliet'. I give both a thumbs up. The time traveler's wife is really a nice book, it has a tragic ending, which makes the whole story even better, trust me. You'll feel like crying when you finish the book. 

Talking about books, I ALSO want to buy books! BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. Bookworm. I want to have a HUGE collection of books in my room. So when I grow older & have nothing better to do, I'll take my books covered with cobwebs out and reread those fantastic books. hahah. I know it sounds so emo. Sitting on a rocking chair, wearing knitted clothings and holding a half-torn book. 

SO ANYWAY, I went for Eldds today & I still think it's not very good. I think it's getting kind of boring & I cannot feel the vibe & the emotions I need to feel. BUT Ms.Claudia said I did great! So I don't really have to worry much. BUT I want to put in more effort & I know I can do better than what I'm doing now. I've got a monologue and I'm trying my best to CRY . yes, I've to cry. Imagine the Judges' eyes fixed on me. ugh, I scared I forget my lines though. & mumble, go too fast, go too slow,not loud enough, no energy,fall down, no emotions, then I can die. D I E . 

I want to go and take a bath !  But I'm lazy): Nevermind, I'll bath later. hahah. I'm stinky now. 

Thinking about my family, I've a sad life. hahaha, I should be grateful for my current life now, being able to shop, able to walk, able to do things whatever. But there's still alot of problems/conflicts between me & my family. They just cannot understand. My sisters are the ones who say that they've gone through what I've gone through, and know what's best for me. But actually they know shit. S H I T. It's very very very hard for me to have a good relationships with my family because we're a bunch of shitpeople including me. ( okay I think I should stop calling people shit & asshole) Okay let's not think about shit things. 

So I went to school today, had Art. During Art Yanthini & I were talking about SHIT, hahah. It was so damn funny. Oh yeah, Marcus' pen is still with me. 

I went to work today, & I'm damn sleepy now. I STILL haven't pack my bag for tomorrow's camp. Kill me please. 

SO . I'll come back again with TONS & TONS of Pictures! Wait for it yeah? 

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