Friday, March 20, 2009

A blast!

Yesterday night was very fun! I went to Eldds in the morning, met Mario to go school together. Then Marie, Mario,Gurvin , Marcus ,Jethro,Najah and I headed down to SSC to shop for awhile! We had lunch at Banquet and it was so small and lousy! Then we went to Cotton On and I bought a $5 top! It was a steal. I left and went to work.

After work , I went home and I prepared! I went to meet Hui Wen, Elgene, Alfred and his friends. Then we took a cab to Clarke Quay and went into IndoChine. We drank Liquor and we were all drunk. I guess we were too noisy we sort of was kicked out. Then we went to PartyWorld Ktv . Only a couple of us were singing. haha. Mainly me. We sang to around 5 and then we went to Bukit Timah, I dozed off for awhile and then we took bus back to woodlands. I was so tired and sleepy. I took bus back home and I slep for awhile before heading to work.

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