Sunday, March 1, 2009


I'm not an ahlian or anything close to it. I just don't like you like how my friends don't like you too. I don't think you read my blog or whatsoever. I just want to dish out some advices for you, or for anyone being an ahlian or WANT to be one. Which is so stupid. Why don't you study hard? I know many people thinks it's geeky/nerdy/loser-ish/whatever to study hard wearing high socks, long skirts,fringe-less or abiding to the school rules. I know it's hard for me to, when some days you just feel like being rebellious & you get unlucky & BANG you're in the principle office. Your future is gone. Kaput. Zip. Lost. Thrown away. Your bright future. Lost.

We might be young, there's still a long road out there. Why get yourself into gangs? especially being a girl. It's such a mistake. A grave mistake. You may think it's ohsocool now. But few years down the road you will regret it. You may think piercings and all that are cool. I do think they're cool & nice & I even have some myself. But I know I wouldn't keep it for long. 'Cause a few years down the road, I WANT to be successful. & all the piercings wouldn't mean a thing to me than they would have 5 years ago or something. Though I'm still thinking of getting tattoos.

I don't know what you feel,how you feel,I can't relate to you, I don't even like you for a start. But I do pity you. Though you know alot of people, in gangs etc. Oh well, I do think you got a pretty face, why destroy it? A few wouldn't matter, but too many's a disaster. Why place a cake of make-up on your face? You're still young. YOUNG YOUNG YOUNG. & you're getting used by your supposed boyfriend. Okay maybe not used, but PLAYED. So pathetic uh? Just hope you're be a better person & live the good life. Maybe you feel that now, your life is at the peak. But well, sorry to rub it in. you're not. You're just a pathetic,loser want to be cool & worshipped ahlian.

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