Friday, February 6, 2009


I'm sitting at home, surfing the net & on Facebook. I was lazy to update my blog, but after contemplating for a while, I decided to blog. Oh I realized in my blog, almost all the posts have either grammatical error or some sorts of shit errors that I make unintentionally. But who cares, no one reads my blog except me. HAH. I'm turning into a big time loser. Anyway, back to blogging, talking about myself, I've decided to Stop Judging People. YES. I'm Ashley & It's quite hard for me Not to Judge people( though I hate it when people judge me 'cause I'm not pretty & not super skinny & everything I'm not) . I'll say like : Hey! This girl is so damn fat man! I wonder how she survives! Okay I hate myself for saying that, but you get the point. It's mean,ugly & evil. Like what happened this morning & afternoon. I'm an Evil Ashley.

Whatever, nowadays I'm feeling so Cranky. Like an Old Granny, I think you all should call me Cranky Old Granny instead of Ashley.

OKAY FINE. I'm just trying to... what do you call that ? eh.. I forgot the word.

Anyway,Yes, I'm been treating a certain someone(cs) like shit. Actually I don't think I treat him like a piece of shit but I did vent my anger on him & became SO unreasonable. Sorry , cs. I don't know whether You read my blog or not but I hope you don't. 'Cause I'm going crazy. Not over you, hahaah.

Okay & I think on Monday, I've to write an essay on Why I Couldn't Hand In My Chemistry Worksheet On Time. I've expected it. I've already KNOW what I want to write.


Okay, I'm done ranting. for now.

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