Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm stupid.

Happy Vday! taken on 2008.

I've always been. It's just that I don't realize it. People around tell me, but I just don't listen. But I'm changing, not stupid anymore. I'm never going to be , I'll be single, alone. What's wrong? Nothing I guess. I've my friends around, that's all I need. God's all I need. Thanks for always being there. I'm lonely,crashed and broken.

I ...

It's alright, I'm walking through yet another phase , It's life. I will survive. I'm Ashley, I'm strong. I won't let this affect me. Great, I'm broken down and now my old skin is peeled off, I'm walking with a new skin. A new me, nevertheless, I'll be different. No bgr for 2 years, I promise.

Oh well, end this with a happier note, I'm meeting Hui wen , Xiao 'En , Elgene and I think Bryan too tomorrow for Vday! I'm so excited! Haven't decide on where to go yet. I've to ask them where they think It'll be nice to go(:

Love you all!

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