Sunday, February 22, 2009

The 30th Wedding Anniversary..

Caleb came over to my house till morning, then he went home.

I prepared and Bryan came to my house, waited for me to prepare & we went to Bukit Gombak.

I waited for him to talk to his friend and we had lunch! I was so hungry.

Then we went back to find his friend and we headed over to Bishan.

I saw Cotton On and I was so tempted to buy clothes! It's really been long since I last shopped! I should go on a shopping spree soon. Haha,

Met Chun Zi and her sister , all of us then took cab to the place. I think it was NLBC's Church location.

I took quite a few pictures! Then when Xe and co. came, we practiced for awhile.

(to be continued)

Please go to my facebook for pictures!:

When the thing start, there were alot of people, everybody was singing and having fun. Then it was our turn to perform , we sang a chinese song. It was not bad, though I was quite nervous, haha.

Then after everything, we had photo-taking and there's food served! We were so hungry we nearly died. haha.

After that we took bus home! Before that, alighted at admiralty & played a ride! It wasn't scary though Rina was screaming her lungs out! hahah. I enjoyed the wind and the view and it really make me feel better(:

Well then , I'm signing off.

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