Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I finally deleted Friendster . It's really lousy, with the web cam virus and all. So I switched to Facebook. Though I still prefers doing things on my blog. So Facebook is not going to be really updated as I haven't gotten the hang of it.

Anyway, less & less people are viewing my blog, Is it because I don't post pictures ? ):

I was busy ! But not I'm sacrificing my sleeping time to blog! Here's some Collage of the things that happened recently:

Mad Ashley

Aunty Lydia's Birthday Celebration

Sister's In Christ!


My sister's 21st Birthday!

I STILL miss my bangs):

I've got Chemistry Homework that I know nuts about, I think I'm going to hell.
Oh well, I've still got Biology to revise, Math Questions to do . Damn, Being a student is hard! Oh and I think I've a crush on ouwehjdnosdhf;dkfnm . hehehehe. Oh and not forgetting Jill's Partner. haha! & Also I love Mario;Boyfriend.


Sighs, I still need to buy New Year's Clothes, I only bought one. I've no money and no time to go shopping for New Year's Clothes LAH. Damn, I'm going Orchard with Willis, Huiwen & bryan tomorrow. Too bad it has to be after ELDDS. Then I'm going Bugis with Adeline, Jiaxi, Hui Wen and Mario!

I loooooove my friends!

I know it's so cliche. So bimbotic. So bitchy. So whatever.
Okay I should just go and pierce my nipples,bye.

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