Saturday, January 17, 2009

Art Exhibition..

I went to the Esplanade today with my ELDDS members and my teacher, Ms.Claudia. But we went to Starbucks to get drinks as we need to wait for Sherry , enmin & co. So Ms.Claudia treated us !

Then we walked over to the Esplanade.It was cool!At first we were have to cross this tunnel, and there were photos & words about a father and his son's relationship or something, it's so sad,man! Then we went to the museum of Broken relationships. There were alot of things there that people keep from their last relationship that they didn't have the heart to throw away but in the end they send it to the museum.

I personally like two of the things there, the first one was the key to the heart, & another one was the tear bottle or something. It's so sad.

So after the musuem I went to the library to wait for Mario & Qiyuan with Esther and Najah.

I did some of my homework, and Mario came alone at around 5-6p.m. So Esther and I accompany him to the Exhibition again, then I realized I'm able to take photos, so here are all the pictures(randomly arranged):

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