Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Great Day..

Hey, didn't attend school on Thursday, together with Hui Wen and Xiao'En. Xiao'En and I went to Toast Box to have our breakfast first. After awhile Hui Wen came to join us.

After eating we went to woodlands polyclinic to take our mc. It's only $5.80!

Then we headed to Yishun to meet Willis & Khatib to meet Bryan. & we all headed to town. We walked around but I saw nothing I like , neither did Hui Wen. After that we watched : 'The Haunting Of Molly Hartley'. It was the worse movie of the century. It's a fucking satanic Movie ! ):<

Then we head to Cine to take neoprints! we took 2 machines that cost $20 plus! After that Willis & Bryan head to play pool, Xiao'En went to her Reunion dinner while Hui Wen & I went to shop!

She bought 2 tops from stitch, I bought a tube top from Mango.

Then Willis called asking whether we want to go watch ' Love Matters' with them. We agreed and headed down to Cine again. When we were there, the movie was full house so instead we went to eat. After filling their stomachs, we went to For Canning Park as suggested by Jeffrey. We missed our last train so we walk around. To Esplanade, the merlion,Singapore Flyer, etc. It was fun! Jeffrey's a bully! Kept calling me bullVamp);
Willis is also crazy! hahaha.

Then we took the First train back to woodlands, was late though, and Hui wen & I had to stand in front of the whole school. There's alot of homework to do!

After school went to Bugis with hui wen, Xiao'en, Mario , Jiaxi and Joshua. Parted ways as we went to Haji Lane. Then they had to leave, so we stayed on and shopped. I bought heels & a dark red dress that's not what I'll wear normally. I still want to shop!

But headed to Prayer Meeting , was damn lethargic. I went to the washroom & washed my face, was better. & Pinching myself to stay awake DON'T work.

Jeffrey ask whether we want to meet again after Prayer Meeting, I called hui wen , she didn't answer me. So I said no and went to sleep. Didn't sleep for a day, I fell asleep within seconds.

I've to go tidy up my messy room! C'ya.

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