Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year Is Ending..

So we must have a End Of Year post right? Yeah, I did it today 'cause I'm having a party tomorrow, so I won't have time to do it.

So my thoughts for this year:

FUNFUNFUN & tiring..

'Cause I always have work after school. & I hate always getting caught in school):
Oh and I love having lunch in Causeway Point with my classmate, they're uber cute ! hahah. Also, I love our class chalet ! It's the best thing that happen in 2008 ! hahah. & well, Ms.Claudia is STILL my Form Teacher next year ): I'm not saying she's a bad teacher, I just HATEEEE getting caught that is. She's always on the look out for me): Oh well, & also I'm so sad right now, 'cause next year there's only like 3 person I know in my class. Yeah, Caleb say I went to the same class as him, 3/3 . I love talking to Vicki and Varsha in class. haha, those moments! & I love the food prepared by Varsha's family during Deepavali! yummy. & shopping with Vicki was fun too! hehe. Also I love going to KTV with Esther! & Hanging out with Hui Wen & Xiao'En was the best ! They're my Bestfriends! Caleb was great , though we had some silent fights going on but I still love him . Winda was fun to be with too, & Meiwei!! I love shopping with her! Liming !! You're like mia-ing from me! hahaha, Adeline toom, Our timing always clash): Hui Hui & Chengyan was great too! I love going to ChengYan's house and have fun with wanling & co. Andrei, ShengDong, Eugene, Alfred,Jerome , Justin & co. were great classmates! Though they irk me at times but I still love them!! Syahilah was great too! Though I couldn't give you a birthday card & I actually gave you cash for your birthday present ,so non-sincere. But I hope you'll forgive me ! I love you! Jabez is a very nice guy ! Not forgetting Bamboo! & Pastor family & Uncle Roland's Family. & not forgetting Bryan Lim Ming Kai, you're the best ah beng ever! haha. & all those people I'm not close with but yet did have contact with them this year: Everard, Dion,Jiabao,Adil,etc. hahaha. & also Elgene ! You're the best dummy ever.haha, Marie!! I love hanging out with you too! You're the guy-crazy girl! hahah. sorry for forgetting to mention some people.

& the Greatest thing that happened in 2008 is I became a christian! & I got Baptised ! Which means I'm a new Person right now. haha, .Look @ the memories:

So for this new year, I'm stating down 10 house rules for me:
1. Don't have a boyfriend( unless I know it'll last long)
2.Stop crushing on Guys!!
3.Read the bible/Experiencing God every night!!
4.Go Church every Sunday
5. Be polite,have respect,be more understanding,more matured etc..
6.Spend money wisely !
7. find a good paying Job!
8.Study Hard and Do revisions!
9.Pack my clothes once a week!
10.Clean my room once a week!

I'll try to keep to my house rules! oh well, have to do a birthday card for my sister, so

An Advanced Happy New Year , Everyone!

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