Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Yes, It must be soooooooooooooooooo boring to hear me say that word again, but yes, I'm working every single day except Saturdays. But Alfred meet me up and he brightened my day!

He wanted to pass me Justin's Christmas present. ( Thanks, Justin!)
Then he came my house & we talked for around an hour or less? Then he left ): He too have work tomorrow. haha, and he's online! So I showed him my new camera. ( Been showing everyone & telling everyone) Then we started to take pictures, though we took only a few.

Anyway, I want to go shopping!! I want to buy high-neck dress with lace leggings.(which I cannot find.) Though I'm buying lace leggings @ Topshop & fishnet stockings @ F21 I think. There's just so many things to buy. I want a blazer! But I'm trying HARD not to be soooo into fashion and become a TrendWhore ( That's what Caleb say about me) haha. Oh and I and Caleb are fine now. Too tired to fight.

& I've got tons & tons of pictures. I still have to edit them, even though I'm not using Photoshop. I'm Poor with a capital P. So I'm using a shitty photo editer .

Anyway, I still have not buy stationary . I so need to get them asap. & I bought a swatch watch recently ! haha, It's green with a frog . So Me right? haha.

Oh & I've just watched 'Girls Out Loud' on . & Tyron is really hot. haha.

Oh well, Picture Post from Monday & Today:

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