Sunday, December 7, 2008

'Wild Child' Day,

I went to Orchard with Marie today, we went to buy movie tickets @ Lido first. Then we had our lunch at Subway.

After that we headed over to Wisma Atria to SHOP. First stop was Charles & Keith,damn the Heels were killers. But they didn't have my size): So I asked the lady to call up all the other outlets for my size,and she'll call me and reserve it for me by TODAY. And she haven't called me yet. So pissed,man. Oh well,I've to go Causeway Point's outlet and ask the person to help me reserve then.

After Charles & Keith, we went to Forever 21. We tried on different outfits,Marie tried a Hot Pink Tube Dress while I tried on a high neck Floral printed purple top(It'll be better if it was a dress). Then we head to Cotton On, Marie bought a tanktop and a tee while I bought a shiny grey oversize tanktop.

Headed back to Lido to watch 'Wild Child' , it was awesome! During the movie, I dropped some popcorns on my dress, so I wanted to get it, then I dropped the box of popcorn! It was so loud, everyone turned to look at me. Like embarrassing !

After the movie,we head back to Forever 21. Didn't see anything nice, then we went to Esprite as Marie wanted to go check out a leather sling bag that she like, but it wasn't there. But I saw a black tote bag that's so nice. The price is also nice. $79.90 ! haha. Oh well, it's a very plain bag so I can find it somewhere else.

Oh, we went to Topshop too! I saw many things that I like ! :D

But we had to go home early, so we left at 5 plus.

I enjoyed today! Let's go shopping again soon okay,Marie?:>


Some Overdue Pictures.

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