Wednesday, December 17, 2008

An Update..

I've been working everyday except Saturdays! So last Saturday I went out with Dearest Hui Wen.

We went to town to shop! (: I had a great day.

Then well, two shocking things happened when I'm working in JP.

hhahaha, Oh well, I'm working at 4p.m. tomorrow so I can sleep late today and chat online and update my dying blog.

I've bought 2 shoes from Charles & Keith,. One's a sandal the others a killer heels. hahha

Then I bought 2 knickers from TopShop. After that I bought an eco bag from Flesh Imp @ $10.

I've yet found a nice suitable shoes for school): But school's starting soon!

Okay, something's wrong with my computer, I've to go.

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