Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Totally on High.

haha, I bought a Black Glossy Leggings online today. & I think It's too big for me.

'Cause It's Free Size, & it's around 38 inches, I measured my legs and it's only 30 inches.
But I think it'll be okay, and I've already transferred the money over to her, so .

Yeah, I'm doing Birthday Cards Now! hahah.

Oh & recently, I've got plenty of chocolates in my fridge, I'm so getting F-A-T.


Chocolate is every Girl's Favorite no?

Okay, I'm starting work tomorrow @ Jurong Point. I'm not exactly feeling sad, or .
'Cause I want/need the cash! Don't you find 2009 is coming a bit fast ? I mean now, You'll have to start buying back-to-school stuffs & ALSO NEW YEAR CLOTHES! Yeah, New Year is on the first week of January, if I'm not wrong.

SO I NEED MONEY. ( I bet you always hear that from me)

I want to buy nice new year clothes ! (who doesn't)

Okay fine, my mom gave me $50 to buy my school shoes , I think I'm going for Vans.

& well, I still got Christmas Presents to buy, .

Oh well, I'm off to get busy.

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