Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Baptised Fun Christmas!

Yeah, I had tons & tons of fun this Christmas. Though I'm working on Christmas Eve. I didn't expect to meet my friends out & exchange presents/have fun. BUT I called Hui Wen, she say she'll be meeting me & Caleb called me! I was so happy indeed. Then during work, I had a gift exchange in the shop with my colleagues.

After that I went to Caleb's house, I saw Yasmin & Joshua. Then they went to catch a late-night movie. So I was left alone @ Caleb's house for a few minutes, then Erica & Caleb came. We talked and Xiao'En, Rina , Aunty Mabel they all also came back. We started to open the presents that Caleb gave to us, it was fun! (thanks for the top!) After that Hui Wen & Bryan arrived. Bryan started to show us magic tricks, it was awesome ! Though Caleb saw the trick to the magic trick. They went my house to sleep over after that.

Then the Four of us started chatting and waited for Hui Wen to come. Around an hour later, she came. Then Caleb slept, while we, the four girls talk through the night. It was like a slumber party. We even had a bit of wine & Tiger Beer, haha. We didn't want to sleep as we were afraid we would fall asleep and miss the baptism .

Then @ around 8 we headed over to Caleb's house. Ah Chuan was already awake,so we kind of talked to him. Pastor had a mini baptism class with my for around 15 minutes. But I was so super sleepy, I slept immediately after Pastor finished & he made Coffee for us. I was having tummyache too but I prayed & ate ALOT of medicines. After that we went over to Church. We had a song session. It's been a long time sinceI last sang Church Songs.

Then we went downstairs Coffee Shop & had lunch. I had my favourite Tissue Prata.

Headed to Jabez's house for Gift Exchange. Shortly after we all head down to the bus and we went to Pasir Ris Park. We were singing in the bus for the whole journey. It was fantastic & fun!!

When we reached, Rina, xiao'en, hui wen , Aunty Lydia and I went to the loo. Then we went back to find the rest & they've already set the mat. Then we stood around the mat and sang songs. We had a short testimony and those getting baptised stood together in a line preparing to go through the ritual. We were so super nervous, all of us wanted to shit. hahaha.

Uncle Simon's mother was the first in line, then followed by the guys. Then Hui Wen first, Xiao'en , Me,Rina, Sharon and the aunty. It was super muddy. There were gigantic holes in the mud and you could just accidentally stepped into a very deep hole and drown to death. okay, I was exagerrating . But I really did feel like a new person. I felt so cold ! & refreshed.
So we bathed and they played Captain's Ball.

Went to Mark's house as his father's birthday falls on the same day as Jesus's ! haha. On the private bus to Jurong, I was so tired I fell asleep and I never woke up, aha. Then had buffet and went home .

I'm a new person & I thank God for choosing me to be his Daughter, amen.


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