Sunday, November 2, 2008

Friday's Day...

So this is the entry on 31st October,Friday. Which I went to dye my hair with my mom.

She brought me to her friend's house which is also a salon.

I dyed kind of like red blonde . It's quite nice, I think.

Then I went to work, met up with Hui wen , Bryan and Xiao'En after that.


We were intending to go Paterlin's house. In the end we went to Vista Park.

Climbed on to our secret place and sat there to chat.

Played the swing for a while and chat about girls stuff.


Bryan and Hui Wen(:
Syahilah's !:D



Hui Wen.

Felt hungry so we went to have Tissue Prata.!

and I'm falling in love with it!:D
Hui Wen with the Tissue Prata!:D

My love<3

Headed to Pastor's house and disturb the couple: Caleb&Erica:D

We went back home after that.

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