Sunday, November 9, 2008

A trip to FCBC and so on...

Today after church, Xiao'En,Rina,Bamboo,Jabez,Caleb and his girlfriend,Erica ,
we went to Expo to see Nick, the guy with no limbs.

we took a bus to tampines, then trained to Expo . We were late.

But it's such a pleasure to see him. His preaching is so good. He'll touch your heart with God's words.

but sorry no picture of Nick, you might want to go to his website,

So after the service we went to the Foodcourt and eat.

Before that, we saw so many cute dogs!:D

There's an event going on so we went in and check it out.

Then I bought a black pepper beef dish.

The food was damn yucky and the service was damn bad.

Then I went home and had dinner at the coffee shop under my block area.

Okay , Pictures:

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