Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pastor's Day...

Today's Pastor's Day, (: Celebrated with the church and we made a song for Pastor!:D

Before that we had food and cake. The spaghetti was delicious, yums. Thinking about it now makes me hungry. haha.

After that we went to Town(Xiao'En,Rina&me) . I was wearing Mondo Heels and it hurts like crap.): So I bought a Brazilian praia slipper. partly because someone stole my Precious Nike Slipper on Saturday, I was really sad uh!):

I went to Uncle Roland's house, then when I wanted to get dinner, my slipppers weren't outside anymore! ):<

Okay , let's not talk about sad things, we had Pastamania(again) ,
Then we headed to Caleb's house and I went back first after that.

Uncle Jeremiah,Pastor,me and Xiao'En.

This is a 'hug pastor session'.(:

His 'Thank You' Speech to us all.

The kids.

Bryan :D

My Cute pastor Leong:D

Bryan's Finger ruined this picture, haha.

Me and Jabez(:

Pastor and Me!(:

Bryan and I 1.

Bryan and I 2.

Bryan and I 3. ( I know I look fat here, but whatever)

Ashley self shot 1.

Yeah, I know, my jeans sucks.
Ashley Self Shot 2.



Rina & Xiao'En(:

My Beef lasagna! yums(:
Ashley Self Shot 3.


Xiao'En and I(:

Caleb's cat:D
Ashley & Rina(:

Hippy Xiao'En, haha

Rina & Xiao'En 2.

Ashley Self Shot 4.

Ashley Self Shot 5.

Ashley Self Shot 6.

Ashley Self Shot 7.

Ashley Self Shot 8.

Ashley Self Shot 9.

Delicious Prawns!:D

Absolutely cute cat:D
handsome right? haha

They're having prawns.

Being real stubborn.

Oh and Friendster is killing me! I want to switch to Facebook! But nah, I like Friendster more(:

* I'm disappointed in you.
** I thought you'll understand and show more love.
*** Humans have many flaws.

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