Monday, November 10, 2008

An Outing with my 3rd Sister...

I went out with my 3rd sister today, we went to town . Like usual, I've been heading to town frequently and I'm so getting bored of it!

Anyhow , I saw a dress that looks very simple but also nice! It's only $19 ! It's like a tank top but longer and it's in black. I wanted to get it but my sister says it too PLAIN.

That was my idea of a dress that I want.

Then I saw a handbag @ Funcdeko(?) for $49 . It looks nice and I wanted to get it too , but It looks very common and (again) My sister says I should go Bugis and look around before I decide.

So I'm planning to go Bugis, who wants to go with me? ! ! :D

I NEED dresses man, oh also , I decided not to buy the handbag from Mango, looks too old for me, Maybe getting the Aldo one. (:

OH I also saw a handbag in R E D at Far East Plaza that's $98 , but damn cute.

It's freaking $98 ! As if I've the cash to buy a handbag for $98, I myself don't think it's worth it too.

I need to start saving and STOP buying! (thinking of buying)

Seriously, my contact lenses are due soon and my phone bill is here):

I STILL have to buy my Canon camera, (I'm buying it no matter what.)

Oh, I just have to stop eating and start saving. Yes. I can go on a diet this way too. muahahah, ain't I clever?

Oh my sister says she's going to help revamp my room . okay wait, not REVAMP , but I'm going to have a room of my own . (okay yes I'm sleeping with my grandmother now)

'Cause my eldest sister's room is vacant as she's living at her boyfriend's house.(as always)

So I'm going to take over her room and throw away EVERYTHING(okay almost everything)
As there's my three sister's wardrobe and table here.

I'm going to Ikea once my s3rd sister comes back from San Francisco (:

p.s I still owe Syahilah, Hui Wen and Bryan -'s Birthday present.
p.p.s I'm sorry but I need time.

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