Saturday, November 22, 2008

omg,! I got into 3/3 ! But there's only like 3 person I know in that class, ):

I so hope Marie gets into 3/3 ! I'll be praying for you, Marie:D

I'll be studying hard from now onwards, and staying away from shopping .

So I could save lots and lots of money!:D
and then I'll go on a big huge mega shopping spree.(yes I know I'm pathetic, I still have to SAVE money before going shopping)

anyhow, I've got alot of things to do recently,
1. Bath my Dog,
2.Pack my room
3. read bible every night
4.Finish the book Caleb borrow me
5.Do the Experiencing God Youth Edition book. the First Christian book,
7.practice my script(as I'm going to be the mother): )
8. Study.
9.Buy Back to School Stuffs.
10. Prepare for next year's drama mama in school.

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