Sunday, November 30, 2008

Muay Thai Competition 2008

Yes, I went to Toa Payoh Sports Hall to watch the Muay Thai Competition. So cool!

Okay, I woke up at 6.30 a.m. and I prepared. I wanted to wear a long jeans but alas, it had a hole in it!): I really think that jeans is nice.

Okay then I went over to Causeway Point's Macdonald for breakfast with Jiaxi. We were on time while Perry & Hui Wen were late, as usual. hahah.

Then we took train to Toa Payoh, headed to the Sports Hall, they were sort of getting ready . When it started we were all so psyched about it! But hours & hours passed.
The overview.

Ashley & Hui Wen<3
Jiaxi & Perry:D

We started to get bored & sleepy,haha. Luckily there were lunch breaks, so we went had lunch at a very old shopping mall. I only finished half of my food):

Then we headed back late, as we were only interested in a particular someone's match.

His match started and we were all so nervous ! haha.For the first round, he got hit many times, and the referees all give points to the opponent, then the second round he didn't do very well either, so we thought he'd lose.

Then on the third round...

It's a DRAW.

Like phew, so we all cheered on him, and he won! :D

Some of the participants .

Sorry for the blurriness , no flash photography is allowed & my camera isn't a cybershot.

Then there's alot of people fighting, so guess how long it was? ... From 10.30a.m. to 8p.m.

haha, Crazy long hours right? Oh, there were also female fighters. (:

So that guy we were interested in watching him fight won the second match too, though he got hurt. While another guy whom we thought was strong, won 1 match & lost the other.Too bad for him.

I wanted to take more photographs, but my battery failed me,):

Then we left early 'cause we were not interested in seeing any other people fight, so we went to town as I wanted to get a sunglass. & I got one from Forever 21 @ $15 ! Cheap!

Then went to have Auntie Annes and took the train home:D

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